What do menstrual discs do?
A menstrual disc is worn internally like a tampon, but rather than absorbing your period flow, it collects it. It is held in place by its rim in the vaginal fornix so you can comfortably hike, swim, and even have sex with your disc inserted.

Using the disc
Boil your disc before the first use and between periods. Fill a pan with plenty of clean water. Bring to boil and let your disc float for 3 - 5 minutes while ensuring that the disc does not touch the bottom of the pan. You can use a spoon to keep your disc in place and to remove it from the boiling water.

The Littlemiss Disc is flexible for easy insertion.

With clean hands, pinch the disc by pressing the rim together in the center to form an “8” shape with the removal looped tab at one end.

With your disc pinched, you are ready to insert. Inserting your Littlemiss Disc is easier when using water as a natural lubricant.


You can insert your Littlemiss Disc while sitting, squatting, or standing with one leg raised. The most popular way to insert the disc is on the toilet with your legs spread wide apart.

Gently separate your labia (inner vaginal lips) with one hand. Use the other hand to hold the pinched disc rim side up and insert it so the removal looped tab is the last part of the disc to enter the vagina.

Slide the disc in at a horizontal angle (pointed towards your tailbone), until it is completely inside your vaginal canal.

Push upwards on the front of the rim, resting the front of the disc above the pubic bone (aka the pubic symphysis).

As you tuck the front end of the disc behind your pubic bone, the rim will pop open.

The disc should sit below your cervix in order to catch your flow. To check its position, insert a finger underneath the disc basin to feel for your cervix.

If you can feel your cervix outside of the basin, remove your disc and insert again.

The disc will sit at a slight diagonal angle when positioned correctly. If you can feel your disc in your vaginal canal or if the disc starts to slip, it might be positioned incorrectly. Remove and reinsert until it sits comfortably.

MONITOR YOUR FLOW, Littlemiss Disc is emptied about 2-3 times a day, can be used for up to 12 hours.

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and mild soap.

Removing your disc is much easier if you are relaxed. Get into whatever position feels most comfortable. Similar to insertion, you can sit on the toilet with your legs spread wide.

Insert your finger behind your pubic bone to feel for the rim of the disc.

Find the removal looped tab and hook one finger inside, gently pulling down to untuck the Littlemiss Disc.

Refrain from only gripping and pulling the thin basin of the disc to remove, as this can damage the silicone. It’s best to hook the looped tab or anywhere under the rim to remove.

Gently pull the disc out at a horizontal angle. Keep it upright to avoid spilling.

If helpful, keep the disc pinched with your other hand as you pull the disc out to reduce pressure on the vaginal opening.

Holding your disc firmly, empty it into a toilet or sink.

Rinse your Littlemiss Disc in cold water (to prevent staining) then wash using warm water and Littlemiss Cup Wash, or a mild pH-balanced cleanser. Rinse thoroughly.

Littlemiss Disc is ready to reinsert!

Cleaning & Storing

Rinse your Littlemiss Disc in cold water after use to prevent staining.

Wash thoroughly after each use with water and Littlemiss Cup Wash, or a mild pH-balanced cleanser. Avoid strong cleansers or anything that may irritate your skin.

Use a soft rag to wipe away any buildup.


You should sanitize your Littlemiss Disc between cycles by boiling your disc in water for 3–5 minutes. Use tongs, spoon or a wire whisk to ensure the disc doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, toss your storage bag in the laundry to thoroughly clean.

Dry your ittlemiss Disc thoroughly and store it in the bag provided. Never use a plastic bag or airtight container for storage.

Some discoloration may occur over time. This is normal, and may vary from one person to another.

If your Littlemiss Disc is ripped or torn, or the silicone shows signs of deterioration (which can happen after using non-recommended cleaners) it’s time to replace the disc.


Here's a brief introduction to the pubic bone and the vaginal fornix:

The pubic bone, also known as the pubis, is a part of the pelvic bone structure located at the front of the pelvis. It is a sturdy, triangular-shaped bone that forms the anterior portion of the pelvic girdle. The pubic bone plays a crucial role in providing support and stability to the pelvic region.

On the other hand, the vaginal fornix refers to the upper portion of the vaginal canal. It is a circular recess that surrounds the cervix, forming a space between the cervix and the vaginal walls. The vaginal fornix is divided into four regions: the anterior (front), posterior (back), and two lateral (side) fornices. The fornices allow for expansion and mobility during sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Understanding the anatomy of the pubic bone and the vaginal fornix is important in the context of menstrual products like the reusable disc, as the disc is designed to be worn comfortably in the vaginal fornix, leaving the vaginal canal unobstructed.


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